Hindi “admission of guilt” ang pag amin ni Pres. Duterte kaugnay sa EJKs – Sen. Sotto


According to Senate President Vicente Sotto III, for him, the admission of President Rodrigo Duterte that the extra judicial killings in our country is his only sin is not “admission of guilt”.

The Senate President Vicente ‘Tito’ Sotto opposed those in positions who are saying that President Rodrigo Duterte admitted that he is the one who  ordered the extra-judicial killings (EJK) in the middle of his war on drugs.

“Yung admission na inutos niya ‘yung EJK? Kalokohan ‘yun,” the senator said

Translation: The admission that he ordered the EJK? That’s nonsense,

He emphasizes that the president never ordered to kill the drug suspects.

“We’ve never heard that thing, I mean, sa kanya. Never kong narinig ‘yun,” the senator added.

Translation: We’ve never heard that thing, I mean from him. I never heard that.

In a statement of the President last Friday, he said that he never steal money from the government, and his only sin are those EJK.

According to Sotto, that is not admission of ordering the EJK, It’s just his admission of responsibility regarding the killings because of his war on drugs.

There are also people who took this chance to kill their rivals in their drug businesses.

“Ang intindi ko run pwedeng isisi sa kanya sapagkat, dahil sa drug war n’ya, maraming napatay. Maraming gumamit din ng drug war n’ya para mag-eliminate ng mga kaaway nila. Maraming ika nga’y nadisgrasya. Kaya puwedeng isisi sa kanya dahil sa drug war niya. That’s what he means,” he said

Translation: My own perception is that, he saying that he can take all the blame because, in his war on drugs, there were so many killings. There are many people who use the war on drugs to kill their enemies. Many have been one of the collateral damages. So he can take the all the blame because of his war on drugs. That’s what he means.