Isang Pulis Nag-viral sa Social Media dahil sa Kanyang Kagwapuhan kilalanin siya dito.


One of the hardest professions is being a police officer or anything that has to do with protecting the country and its citizens. This job requires robust physique, well-equipped mind, and bravery of course. But beyond all of these, this kind of profession is to be respected and honored because of promising to protect the country and its people with their lives, making the country safe and secure as possible.

Recently, a particular police officer went viral on social media not because of doing something good but because of his good looks and appealing charisma.

On the Facebook page “Pinoy Bae,” feature stolen photos of a handsome police officer while working. As expected, many netizens, especially girls drool over and got wide eyes because of his looks and hunky body. He was identified as Luc Gal Ang, seen embroidered surname on his uniform.

This police officer seems like alluring ladies to melt down over but kicking bad guys down. Some obsessed woman dares to ask him a date and go out only to find out that his a married man with the lucky woman named Christine Yntatano.

He certainly caught our attention but we should still be looking out for his performance, his commitment to his job and his duty to protect the lives of the citizens.