Manny Pacquiao Gives P3-Million Worth Of Christmas Gifts To People

According to, one eye-witness describes the gift giving a “crazy scene.” The news spread like a wild fire and house maids, drivers, and security gueards begun to line up in front of Manny’s mansion. One resident claimed that the Christmas gifts amounted to P3 million, reportedly happened around 3 am on Tuesday morning, December 11.

Pinas Fact reported that people lined up in front of Pacquiao’s mansion for 3 days starting from 3am in the morning. His neighbors also expressed their gratitude to the Philippine senator because of his generous heart to share his blessing.

It can be recalled that the 39-year-old boxer went viral on the social media after giving money, job, house and lot to an ice cream vendor. His wife, Jinkee Pacquiao. showed the grand Christmas decoration of their mansion.

Netizens and his neighbors praised and admire them for having a big heart especially to less fortunate.