18-Year-Old Jollibee Crew Passed Away After His Co-Worker Makes Fun Of Him


An 18-year-old Jollibee crew in Pampanga passed away after his co-worker pokes fun of him while on duty.

According to the witness, one of his co-workers pokes fun of Christian Batac that takes away his life. His family and relatives cry for justice.

The witness narrated that Batac was asked by his manager to take a photo of their conveyor.

The suspect and his co-worker named Kroywren Puno followed him and make fun of him, said Trisha Mostoles of ABS-CBN News.

The suspect pressed the door button of the conveyor and left the victim. However, he didn’t know that Batac’s neck was caught in the cord of the conveyor, resulting in his strangulation. Batac was declared d*ad on arrival when he was rushed to the hospital.

“Nag-uumpisa palang siyang nangangarap, pero ganyan na nangyari sa kaniya,” said the mother of the victim.

The family of the victim was greatly dismayed when the famous fast-food chain said that their CCTV is not working. But Jollibee said that they will help on the investigation. Meanwhile, the family will file a case against the suspect.

Poking fun or pranking someone is not a mistake but make sure that it is safe. There are several cases where someone gets into trouble or a terrible ending after someone makes fun or pulled a prank on them. Safety is much important than fun.