Attention: SSS Members, This Is The New Contribution Table For 2019 – Check This Out


This year, the Social Security System (SSS) updated their SSS contribution table including for employers, employees, self-employed, OFWs, and voluntary members as well.

It is advised to have a copy especially if you are an employer so you can update your employees’ contributions earlier and avoid getting into rush doing it at the time of your payment.

As it is advised to voluntary members, OFWs and self-employed to know the update and check the new amounts from the table, all members are also informed that having an SSS online account is a now required.

SSS New Contribution/Tech Ph

SSS aims to do all transactions and inquiries online. The online account has features such as viewing premiums, static information, and employment history download.

Below is the table for employers and employees:

SSS New Contribution/Tech Ph

The same amount still applies as the previous year because the Senate passed plans to increase the contributions but it is still pending and not yet approved.

Below is the schedule of contributions for self-employed, Overseas Filipino Workers and voluntary members:

SSS New Contribution/Tech Ph

To avoid penalties and delays in the processing of your benefits, make sure that you pay your SSS monthly contribution on time. See the schedule of payment for employers and for self-employed and voluntary members (except OFWs) below.

SSS New Contribution/Tech Ph

Basically, if the 10th digit of the 13-digit ER/HR number (for employers) or the last digit of the SS number (for SE/VM) ends in:

1 or 2 = pay on the 10th day of the month
3 or 4 = pay on the 15th day of the month
5 or 6 = pay on the 20th day of the month
7 or 8 = pay on the 25th day of the month
9 or 0 = pay on the last day of the month

OFWs can pay any time of the year and the minimum salary credit for OFW member is P5,000.