6 Signs upang malaman kung mataas ang Acid level ng iyong katawan


Having an acidic body is not good and healthy. Acidity in the body is caused by excessive production of your stomach acid and resulted in various types of diseases such as heartburn, dyspepsia, inflammation and stomach ulcer. The pH level in our body measures the hydrogen fluid of our body fluids. Having a low pH level in the blood means you are acidic and more susceptible to infections and sicknesses.

Here are the signs that your body is acidic:

1. Poor and fragile bones
Having a high acidic body level weakens the bones because it pulls the minerals and calcium needed to strengthen the bones. If you get easily sprained or experience early symptoms of osteoporosis, it may be because your body is acidic.

2. Dental problems
Having a low pH level of the body results in demineralization or damage to your teeth. It also affects your teeth, so you experience tingling or teeth sensitivity and destruction.

3. Easy to get tired or fatigue

If your body is acidic, bacterias and viruses easily rested because your boy resistance to such diseases decreases. That’s why your body is overworking to fight these microorganisms resulting in low energy and fatigue.

4. Skin issues
Having a skin problem is a sign that your pH level is low. Our skin is one of the body organs that can detoxify. But if your body is acidic, it is difficult to resist the bacteria and remove the toxins. And if it is no longer able to detoxify the body, allergies, rashes, and itching will start to surface.

5. Overweight

If the normal body pH level cannot be maintained, there is an excess of body waste because of acid. And this acid is hidden in your fat cells so you have a hard time
losing weight.

6. Joint pains

Excessive acid in the body causes pain in the muscles or joints because your body has no enough oxygen circulation and blocks the correct absorption of vitamins and nutrition.


How to Avoid your body from high acid levels?

1. Drink enough water daily. At least 8-10 glasses a day.
2. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits
3. Avoid drinks such as coffee, soft drinks, and liquor.
4. Refrain from eating processed meats and junk foods.
5. Eating little by little and chew the food properly.