8 Major Side Effects Of Drinking Cobra And Energy Drinks


Are you among those people who love to drink cobra and energy drink products? But what is the effect of think drink on our body? Is it safe to drink? One of the popular brand of energy drink today is Cobra for both genders. Advertisements and posters are present everywhere and even on television that encourage people who are active in sports and extreme physical activities to consume it.

This energy drink promised that individuals who drink it would last much longer and have the endurance during extreme physical activity and be more productive.

Cobra and other energy drink such as Extra Joss, Lipovitan, Monster Energy, Red Bull, and Sting have a main ingredient called caffeine, a substance present in coffee that has the effect of waking you up and alertness. But unlike the caffeine in the coffee, caffeine amount on energy drinks are much higher.

In addition, these beverages also contain high levels of sugar, taurine, ginseng, guarana, and some vitamins-components that may be beneficial but can also cause danger in the body when consumed too much, especially that stores freely sell the product without control.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2014, energy drinks seem to have the potential to cause health hazards to people who drink it especially in the experiment of mixing this drink with alcohol.

Excessive drinking of Cobra or any energy drink products could cause the following effects:
Overdose in caffeine that can cause symptoms such as hypertension, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, inflammation, and even untimely demise.

  • Could lead to type 2 diabetes as a result of over-caffeine that affects the body’s insulin.
  • Miscarriage
  • Dehydration
  • Psychological and blood circulation problems
  • Becoming dependent
  • Teeth problem
  • Overweight

Medical doctors are also showed concern on mixing energy drinks and wine. This mixture is considered dangerous and could lead to mental problems such as abrupt decision-making and insanity.

Expert advice that there are activities and foods that are better sources of energy than drinking energy drinks. This includes balance and healthy diet such as eating fruits or drinking healthy nutrients, eating vegetables and whole grain bread regular exercise, and enough sleep. If you want immediate energy, it is better to drink coffee and soy milk.