Mag-aswa nireklamo ang isang Kilalang Bangko matapos mawalan ng 126k sa kanilang account

Banco De Oro or BDO has been the talk of the town because of several complaints of unauthorized withdrawals and lost money on their accounts. The most recent incident surfaced is the couple who allegedly lost 126K from their BDO account. The victim said that their bank account was allegedly hacked and stole their life savings which they earnestly saved for more than a year.

Christian De Ocampo and his wife took to Facebook their complaints after they lost 126K on their bank account. According to the couple, they’ve been loyal to the bank since 2008 though they were discouraged by friends not to.

But recently, they were shocked after finding out that they’ve lost 126K in a matter of 24 hours. They immediately reported the incident to BDO who told them to wait while the issue is being investigated. Expecting that they will get their money back, they were told that there was a breach and their account was compromised and their password changed without their knowledge.

After a month of waiting, they received a heartbreaking news that their account was compromised and the bank will not reimburse the lost money. BDO further explains that the transaction was legitimate and they don’t have the obligation to return the stolen money to the couple.

The couple was devastated by the news and stated that if only BDO has more sound online banking security protocols, then this incident would not have happened.

What’s more disturbing is that BDo doesn’t care about their customer’s lost money. They have been giving conflicting answers on the reason for the breach, and many of the victims were notified that the money they lost will not be reimbursed by the bank.