Magkumare sa Binyag Halos magsolian ng Kandila Ng magdemand ng regalo sa Kumare nito

One of the Filipino traditions is to have a “ninong” (godfather) and “ninang” (godmother) during a child’s christening. A child can have as many godfather and godmother as his/her parents want to have. While some people get ninong and ninangs because of friendship, some because of popularity, some by affinity, and some because of what this person can give to his/her child.

Some people think that ninong and ninang are persons who will give gifts during birthdays and Christmas season, losing the real meaning of their roles as a witnessed of child’s dedication. Godfather and godmothers should act as the second parent of the child and should take the responsibility to support and train this kid to be a better and successful person someday, not just someone who give presents.

With this in mind, one ninang took to social media her dismay after one of her “kumares” shamelessly asked a present for her godchild’s upcoming birthday celebration. What made it more disappointing is the fact that this kumare didn’t ask for a simple gift, but demanding her to be in charge of buying a birthday cake and large balloons. The anonymous ninang shared some
screenshots of their conversation.

Initially, her kumare assigned her to buy a two-layered cake and at least two dozen balloons. This kumare explained that because it’s the child’s second birthday, it is nicer if she associates the number two in every detail of the celebration.
It turned out that the kumare already “ran out of budget” that’s why she is asking the ninang to help in the celebration expenses. The ninang first politely declined her kumare’s demands but things went hot when the kumare said:

The ninang then shifted her approach and confronted her friend. This makes the kumare got irritated and threatened her to be removed as one of her child’s godmother because she’s ‘kuripot’.

Many got angry and expressed their disgust toward the kumare because of demanding to shoulder the birthday expenses, and also for the threat of removing her as the godmother of her child.

This thing is beyond the role of ninong and ninang. We should remember that getting them is not for selfish gain but willingly appointing them as the second parent of your child.

The most important thing that you can do for your godchild is to give lessons on lifelong moral values and about God. That’s is more far precious that any materila things in this world.