Man Left His Wife And 2 Kids In The Philippines, Chooses Foreigner Girlfriend

Love needs commitment, trust and loyalty. What if a partner cheats on you and find someone else?

Building and maintaining a family is quite difficult nowadays; education, everyday needs, utilities and so much more. Even with two parents working it is still quite difficult to cope up with the financial needs of the family.

With this, most partners would decide to look for better opportunities outside of the country. This is all for the sake of the betterment of the lives off their loved ones.

A comfortable and stable life is what OFWs want to achieve for their families despite the great longing they could encounter being away.

However, this imposes a threat to a lot of couples with a husband or wife working abroad while the other stays here with their children. A relationship is placed to a great test of trust and loyalty.

Like other failed long distance relationships (LDRs), a man left his wife and two children to look for a job abroad but what he found was another woman. He left his wife and children to be together with a foreigner he knew while he was away.

Despite of this betrayal, his wife forgave him and let him go to whoever he was happy with.

Maica Tidoy, the forgiving wife, touched the heart of many because of her good heart. She shared that they had two children, both are very young when her husband left.

They’ve been together for 7 years and her husband worked in China as an OFW where he met the foreigner. Indeed she was hurt of what had happened to them but felt no resentment towards Michael, her husband; saying she forgave him fully and wants him to be happy. With an only wish that her husband wouldn’t forget about their children.

Relationships are meant to be nurtured, secured and built together; no relationsip lasts with only one striving hard to make it through every obstacle.