Netizen na inlove matapos ipagmalaki ng lalaking ito ang kanyang plus size na Girlfriend


Falling in love in this generation is really hard. Most people look more upon someone’s physical aspect rather than their attitude and personality.

Even when two people are already in a relationship, people always find faults and look at the vast differences between the two people and because of that dating nowadays is more saddening than fun.

Fat-shaming, body-shaming even racism has been rampant in social media. People sprout nonsense commentaries just to shame other people.

Thus, this young man’s courage will surely amaze you. He loves to show off the woman he loves on social media and it has rather received praises from the internet people.

Jeto Guanzon, proudly posts photos of his girlfriend, Kaycelin Montelibano. His facebook post contains:

“She’s my girlfriend. She’s the one I love. Yes she’s big. Yes she’s plus size. Yes she has great curves. And Yes I love her. I just wanna tell you that not all men want party girls and sexy girls. I love her just the way she is. I feel like I’m a better man when I’m with her. And to whoever wanna bash her you gotta deal with me. Because she is always, always worth fighting for.”

It gained a lot of admiring and positive comments from the netizens. Since a lot of people nowadays, often judge a person from their physical attributes. Jeto showed them that none of the can change his mind about choosing her girlfriend.

A person’s weight, height or color should never be an issue for anyone, as long as they’re capable of loving and being loved. As long as they live an honest life. As long as they have good heart and amazing soul, one deserves to be loved and be showed off.

Jeto and Kaycelin, proves that their relationship is strong because eventhough a number of people speak unnecessary things about them,they stayed loyal and faithful to each other.

Regardless of what other people might say, they’ll stay true to what they have promised to each other.