Pag inom ng Kape, Delikado sa mga May Mataas na Blood Pressure, ayon sa Ekperto

Are you among those with high blood pressure who take maintenance drugs and a coffee lover at the same time? Calling the attention of those with high blood pressure that takes maintenance drugs and love to drink coffee at the same time! According to American Journal of Hypertension, patients who drink coffee lowers the effect of the drug that lowers blood pressure.
The research found out that the caffeinated coffee increases blood pressure. Little did we know, caffeine has a serious effect on blood pressure and experts recommends that this also not good for the heart.

A group from Western University and Lawson Health Research Institute in London discovered that the amazing result when they measure the effect of not often drinking coffee in the blood pressure and how consuming coffee affects the calcium channel blockers.

Calcium channel blockers, also called as calcium antagonists, are prescription medications that relax blood vessels and increase the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart while also reducing the heart’s workload, according to Web MD. Example of calcium channel blockers is felodipine or amlodipine. It relaxes and widen blood vessels by affecting the muscle cells in the arterial walls and normalize the blood flow. In this, it reduces blood pressure.
When coffee and felodipine/amlodipine are mixed, it will lead to high blood pressure. The probable reason is that caffeine blocks the positive effect of the drug to the blood vessels, according to research. They explained that one cup of coffee could affect the diagnosis and treating hypertension or high blood pressure.

“Even one cup of coffee containing a relatively low amount of caffeine remarkably compromised the anti-hypertensive effect of this drug at the maximum recommended dose. If you wanted to overcome the effect of the coffee, you had to double the dose of this anti-hypertensive drug which could increase the risk of unwanted excessive drug effects, particularly during the period when coffee is not consumed.”

It is a must for those with high blood pressure to stop drinking. Instead, drink a soy protein powder. In the Facebook page “Gabay sa Kalusugan-Dr. Gary Sy,” Dr. Sy listed the health benefits of drinking soy protein.