Single Mom Underwent Plastic Surgery After Her Boyfriend Left Her.

Our society has an unfair concept of beauty. This idea blinded people’s eyes to see what real beauty is, resulted in becoming judgemental and insensitive. Also, it affects the concept of love for most of us. Our society taught us that we should look for a woman or a man with good-looks, forgetting that love is all about acceptance and respect. This is exactly what happens to this particular single mom.

After she was dumped by her boyfriend, a single mom revealed that the breakup prompted her to consider changing her appearance by trying plastic surgery. She thought that by this, her life will be completely changed and “another chance” in life.

She is Huyen, a 28-year-old single mother from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Because of her former appearance, she always received hurtful comments and criticisms. She is always ridiculed because of her single eyelids and slightly tanned skin tone, she said.

What made it even worst is the fact that her boyfriend’s family is trying to stand between them, hindering their wedding though they already have a baby. This prompted Huyen to raise the child on her own and start a new life with her child.

She left her child in her mother’s custody when she is working and only visited them during the weekend. At that time, Huyen also began to save money for the plastic surgery. In the span of 3 years, she spent 100,000,000 dongs (approximately RM 18,000) on different cosmetic procedures, which she believe will turn her life for the better.

 Since I wasn’t in the best financial situation, I had to start working without much rest after the surgeries. On the third day after my breast augmentation procedure, I had to endure the pain and go to work. That was the most painful time in my life.”

After the surgery, her self-esteem was restored and gain much-needed confidence to face the world and start a new life with her beloved child.