Girls, Huwag Pakasalan Ang Lalaking May Ganitong Mga Habits


Boys might think that is article is bias but this could also be indicative to be considered by guys before marrying a girl, right? Every wench has this imaginary Mr. Right, their standard guy who they want to marry and spend forever. And tying a knot with the complete opposite would be absurd. No want to marry a person who doesn’t see his or her worth and purpose, isn’t it?

That’s why it is important to consider some signs and habits your beau have to make you decided if you really wanted to live with him forever. So take some time out before you decide to marry a guy regardless of how long you have been together. Marriage is not something you spit out if you’re already sick with it.

Below is the list of the 15 habits you should consider not to marry this guy!

1. Narrow-mindedness

Open-mindedness is very important in a relationship, especially in marriage. Who wanted to be restrained all her life from doing all the normal things just because of fear of doing it wrong or he will mistrust you, right?

Women who marry a narrow-minded guy always regret it at the end. Better leave that relationship or makes you experience hell on earth.

2. Hates animals

Nobody hates animals period. If your man hates animals for no reason like allergies and stuff, better leave him and choose your pet. Wanting to be totally away from animals means lack of empathy. You will be living with a cruel human animal if you decide to marry him.

3. Relationship rules mean nothing to him

Have you ever experience a boyfriend who plays wild and set aside relationship rules, acting as if he’s single? This habit is not a good sign, rather a warning not to marry this guy. You tell him not do something and he does exactly the same.

Aside from disrespecting you, he completely disregards the relationship rules. A relationship with a lack of respect should never be appreciated or given a second chance.

4. Breaks promises

Breaking a promise for once is understandable but doing it often is too unforgivable. If the guy only nods vigorously while making promises and easily breaks those only days later, it obviously means that he is making a fool out of you. You need a cleaning and washing.

5. Gives you secondary treatment

Joey said, ” so if you are the one giving your best to the relationship while he sleeps peacefully and does nothing at all, it means that you do not mean to him what he means to you.”

A relationship is all about giving, sharing, taking, and receiving. If your man lack of these, I think you should consider calling it quits.

6. Doesn’t have moments of epiphany

A guy who thinks he’s always right and can never be wrong needs to have a reality check. It is cruel to force someone to change for you and should not be done. If he never experiences any moments of epiphany and never doubts anything he does, that can be harmful to you and marriage as well.

7. Full of excuses

“I am sorry but I had more important things to do and you do not matter to me as much as you think you do.” This is what excuses means.

8. Keeps the fights alive

Every relationship is tested by fights and arguments. No relationship is perfect but having unending fights is very harmful to a relationship. Your opinion is important so does him. Both the people involved have to respect each other differences. If he likes to the opposite and keeps the fights alive, you need to move away.

9. Stops the conversation

A guy who stops conversation is someone not to marry to. Not only do these habits show lack of conversations skills but also show your insignificance in his opinion, how your turn does not matter and he is better off without you pitching in on something. You don’t want to be ignored like that for the rest of your life, right?

10. Liar

Lying is not good for a relationship and a lier is not the kind of guy a woman should marry. Relationships are all about trust and believing in each other. If he takes that away by breaking the code of taking confidence in each other then he needs to be replaced. Lies are like a termite that slowly damaging the relationship.

11. Clingy

Man that cling as often means having insecurity issues or they don’t trust you with your actions. A mature relationship requires two independent people who can bear being away from each other for some time for the sake of their busy adult lives. Clingy is not normal.

12. Family disoriented

How could you marry a guy who hates family? Family is where we started and though our parents are annoying sometimes, we can not afford to cut them off our lives.

If he hates his family, just because family is annoying or for any other weak reason, then he is not fit to marry you or anyone else.

13. Smokes

Smoking is difficult to stop but if the guy you wish to marry has never given an ear to your request of trying to give up the habit of smoking then it means that you don’t hold a special place in his life, which you ought to do if you plan to marry him.

14. Immature in his affairs

If he is the kind of guy who throws people off after a minor fight or quarrel, he’s not the right guy for you. If he can easily cut off people from his life, he can easily cut you off one day also.

15. Abusive

Love knows nothing about violence, be it physical or emotional. So if your man has a violent nature, better leave it as early as possible. Try to change him if you think you can but do not marry him any time before he has changed. You will be making the biggest mistake of your life if you marry a guy who does not know how to control hisanger.