Isang Seaman, Himalang Nakaligtas Sa Tubig Na Maraming Pating Pagkatapos Mahulog Sa Barko.

I have a lot of friends who work as a seaman and most of them said that it wasn’t an easy profession to work. Aside from the emotional struggles they need to endure for the whole contract, their job itself is not easy. Their respective job depends on what they graduated and experienced. So technically, what we used to think about them is not actually what it is. Let’s say, they’re paid for what they worked.
Recently, one seaman became the talk of the town and made headlines on social media after his terrifying encounter during his work. Loreto Miles Moscoso III is a graduate of Marine Transportation who is working on a cargo ship.
Back in June 2018, their chief officer ordered him and his co-workers to unload the cargo containers before they arrive at the port. Unfortunately, Loreto took a wrong step and lose his balance. What he remembered is he was already floating in the icy water. He kept on shouting for help but because the noise of the reefer is deafening, nobody heard him. What made his situation worse in the fact that he is in in a shark-infested area 5 miles east of Port Everglades, Florida and remained in the water for 4hours trying his way to swim to the shore.

Though he got a spinal fractured, he still decided to swim away from the ship to avoid getting caught by the propeller. While trying to survive, Loreto revealed that he saw a bright light and felt the presence of God with him. At that point, he was already dehydrated. Thankfully, he found a coast guard boat whom he was rescued and given immediate medical care.

He survived the unknown and the trauma he got from the incident.