Pretty Girl Fell In Love With This Man With A Disfigured Face Saying Appearance Doesn’t Matter


We often look for someone who is beautiful or handsome in trying to assess for the right one. Admit it or not but we often look at how that person looks first before trying to reach out.

However, not everyone lives up to this concept. A 23 year old thai lady is a great example of this.

Phatsara Obnak fell in love and married a man who seemed to have physical deformities or defects. This lucky man was Boonme Khanthong a 37 year old who had smitten this young lad.

Proving everyone that love doesn’t simply look at how beautiful or handsome that person is. It is love that makes the relationship strong and let’s two different people end up together.

He was rushed to the hospital a several times but due to financial restrictions his family had a hard time in seeking for medical help.

Despite of how he looks he strives hard in his job, cares as much as he can and takes good care of his children from his first wife. These are the qualities that made Phatsara fell in love with him.

Love doesn’t last in what we see. The things that we now perceive as beautiful may not stay as it is in the future because of aging. Love is looking forward to the future and not simply focusing on what that person looks today.