Attention: Girl’s Whole Body Becomes Bloated After Drinking This Beverage Twice A Day

In a recent Facebook post, Cheska Mayote shared her bad experience due to her eating habits.
She stated that for almost 2 years she has been eating unhealthy foods. Starting off with coke, wherein everyday she would always have a bottle of coke stored in her bag, as if it was her stress reliever. Instead of bringing a bottle of water, she had a bottle of coke. Siomai was also one of her favorites during those time.
During her first years in college, she ventured into doing part time in a fast food restaurant, wherein during break she would have soft drinks primarily coke or sprite and also would eat fried chicken.
Thinking that it was normal for her to build up fats for she was being a heavy eater most of the times. Not knowing it was already an inflammation on her thighs.
At one time, she went out to have lunch with her friends wherein she was shocked to see her thighs where getting bigger than normal.

Scared for what she is experiencing, she went to the school clinic; the nurse suggested that the inflammation  has been long enough present and gave her a waiver to go out for a check up.

After some laboratories, she was told everything was normal except her weight was too much for her age. Being confident with the results, she only toned down on her diet but continued to go to school.
However, at school she experienced the same thing; feeling of swelling thighs but now accompanied with dizziness and the urge to vomit. The school doctor advised her to have further laboratories to know what was happening.
At the time she couldn’t handle the pain, she was rushed to the emergency room. She was admitted and monitored.

They found out she has pneumonia and kidney problems. They were advised by the doctor to buy ALBUMIN which costs 5,200 pesos, this was to get rid of the inflammation in her body.

All of these was due to an infection in her body; stating that if she were a 40-year old lad, a dialysis would be required. At the age of 19, she now has a maintenance for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
May we love our bodies. Avoid oily and unhealthy food if we would want to have a longer life to live.