Look: The Life Of Ate Glow After Leaving Showbiz


Being in the industry of showbiz, one has a mark or a track of his/her footsteps. Everyone may lead to a growing showbiz career or lead a new life outside the hunt of the camera.

Ate Glow, Former  President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s impersonator is now known as Renee Hampshire.

The comedian and impersonator of the former president was famous due to his funny antics.

However, his career slowly drifted until completely disappeared from the realm of showbiz.

Without anyone’s knowledge, a whole new better life is coming for Ate Glow, he went abroad and found his better half. Being a full pledged transgender woman. Definitely, Ate Glow’s stunning transformation has left everyone in awe.

The new beautiful look of Ate Glow now called Renee Hampshire has been moving around the world of social media and made some noise.

In an episode at Magandang Buhay, his partner expressed a very sweet message for her.