Mga Karaniwang Panaginip At Kahulugan Nito Sa Buhay Natin

Dreams are full of symbols and meanings. Every object in your dream has a meaning that has a connection in your waking life.

According to Jeffrey Sumber, a Psychotherapist, the meaning of a dream is often related to the things you need to understand to yourself and the world in which you live.

Below are the 13 common dreams and their corresponding meaning:

1. Water

The water in your dream symbolizes emotion. The dark water is a sign of things you worried about or approaching while the clear water means peaceful emotion and happiness in the future. Based on psychology, water indicates that you are ready to take risks for your ambition. You are reminded to act for your dreams to come true.

2. Cat

A cat in your dream means that you need to consider your feminine side in making a decision to make it meaningful and fair, not just in yourself but to others also. It also means that you should value your relationship towards other women in your life like your grandmother, mother, sister, relatives, and friends. Cats also stand for spiritual awakening.

3. Flying

If you fly in your dream, it symbolizes freedom of things pulling you down. It can also symbolize the success and achievements of your desires and ambitions in life.

4. Baby

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If you are single or have no baby, subconsciously, you wanted to have a baby. It symbolizes new beginnings or wanting to feel being cared for or valuing the person you love.
5. You are late!

You felt stagnation and your opinions are you lost your direction in your life goals. You have many hangups and frustrations in life.

6. You k*lled someone

You are hoarding hatred or anger you should let go.

7. Nak*d in public

You are so open when it comes to your personal life in public, the reason why you are judged by people around you. It is a warning to be careful to the people you can’t trust.

8. Someone is chasing you.

It symbolizes your will to escape your fear and sadness. If you are chased by an animal, you are escaping what you really feel like a bereavement, sadness, anger, and etc. If you don’t recognize the one who chases you, it symbolizes trauma. If it’s opposite s*x, it symbolizes that your fear to love and trust, or you are not completely moved on from heartbreak.

9. Losing teeth.

It means you are over-conscious when it comes to your physical appearance and to what other people say. You are super proud of your body and you are afraid to lose your personal power.

10. D*ath

If you passed way in your dream, it indicates that one of the aspects of your life is lost or d*ad. If one of your loved ones, you are longing or the treatment is strange for you.

11. Box

It says that one of the aspects of your life is being suppressed. Your opinion is that there is one person who fought yours behind your back. If you look at the box and it is empty, it means disappointment on the things in your life.

12. Mud

In waking life, you feel that you are imprisoned on the usual and boring routine. You are reminded to try new experiences to get out of the cage. It also symbolizes rebirth and growth. It says that if you change, it will bring forth good endings.
13. Cheated by your partner

In your waking life, you are doubtful in the honesty of your partner, the reason why it replays in your dream. You are becoming crazy about it because you noticed that he or she is becoming busy and he or she doesn’t give you much attention unlike before.

14. Falling

According to psychology, when you are falling in your dreams, it signifies insecurity and anxiety in your waking life. It’s usually in adream when you are in a transition period of your life.