Andrew Wiggins Height, Net Worth, Age, Wiki and More


Andrew Wiggins is a professional basketball player in the NBA, currently playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He is considered one of the best young players in the league and is a rising star. In this article, we will discuss the height, age, net worth, and wiki of Andrew Wiggins.

Andrew Wiggins: Height and Age

Andrew Wiggins is 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 197 pounds. He was born on February 23, 1995 in Toronto, Canada. He is currently 25 years old and is in the prime of his career. He has been playing basketball since he was a child and has developed into one of the most talented players in the NBA.

Andrew Wiggins: Net Worth and Wiki

Andrew Wiggins’ net worth is estimated to be around $25 million. He is one of the highest-paid players in the NBA and has earned a lot of money from his basketball career. He has also been featured in several commercials and endorsement deals. As for his wiki page, it can be found on the official NBA website.

Andrew Wiggins: Overview

Andrew Wiggins is one of the most promising players in the NBA. He has all the tools to become a star and is already making an impact on the court. He is a great shooter, has great athleticism, and is a very good defender. He has the potential to become a future All-Star and is on the path to great success.

Andrew Wiggins is an incredible basketball player and is one of the most promising young stars in the NBA. He has a great height, age, net worth, and wiki page. His potential is immense and he is on the path to becoming one of the best players in the league.