Kash Doll Height, Net Worth, Age, Wiki and More


Kash Doll is an American rapper and actress who has gained recognition for her unique sound and style. She is best known for her hit single “For Everybody” and her collaborations with other popular artists. In addition to her music career, Kash Doll has also established herself as a fashion icon and model. Here, we will discuss Kash Doll’s height, net worth, age, wiki, and more.

Kash Doll’s Height

Kash Doll stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 m). She is a petite woman with a slim physique and an athletic build. Her body measurements are not known, but she has a slim waist and curvaceous hips. Her style is often described as edgy and bold. She is often seen wearing statement jewelry and brightly colored outfits.

Kash Doll’s Net Worth

Kash Doll has an estimated net worth of $2 million. She has earned her fortune from her successful music career and her endorsements and collaborations with various brands. Her music has been streamed millions of times on various platforms and she has also performed at many high-profile events.

Kash Doll’s Age, Wiki, and More

Kash Doll was born on March 14, 1992, in Detroit, Michigan. She is currently 28 years old. She has a Wikipedia page and her biography can be found on various other websites. She is very active on social media and has over 2 million followers on Instagram. She is also a fashion icon and has been featured in many magazines.

Kash Doll is a talented rapper and actress who has made a name for herself in the music industry. She has an impressive net worth and a strong online presence. She is also a fashion icon and a role model for many young women.