Larry Hoover Height, Net Worth, Age, Wiki and More


Larry Hoover is an American gang leader and founder of the Chicago street gang, the Gangster Disciples. He is currently serving a life sentence in the federal prison system. His notoriety has led to an increasing number of people asking questions about his height, net worth, age, and wiki page. To answer these questions, here is a comprehensive look at Larry Hoover’s height, net worth, age, and wiki page.

Larry Hoover’s Height

Larry Hoover’s height is estimated to be around 5 feet 8 inches. He is a relatively short man, but his intimidating presence and influence are far greater than his physical stature. He is known to have a strong physical presence, and his height is not seen as a hindrance to his power.

Larry Hoover’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Larry Hoover’s net worth is around $2 million. This is due to his long criminal career, and the money he has earned from selling drugs and other illegal activities. He is also said to have made investments in real estate, which could have also contributed to his wealth.

Larry Hoover’s Age and Wiki

Larry Hoover is currently 72 years old. He was born in 1950 in Jackson, Mississippi. His wiki page is quite extensive and covers his life in detail. It includes information about his criminal history, his gang affiliations, and his prison sentence. It is also a valuable source of information on his relationships with other gangsters and his involvement in the Chicago gang scene.

Larry Hoover is an infamous gang leader who has made a lasting impact on the Chicago gang scene. His height, net worth, age, and wiki page are all interesting topics to explore. Knowing more about his life and criminal career can give us a better understanding of the world of gangs.