How to Customize your WhatsApp chats? Color ticks and Wallpaper



Whatsapp is the popular and widely used application for connectivity with friends and family beyond any barriers. 

WhatsApp brings you a wide range of options so that you can thrill your chats and invoke in them a pleasurable fun while chatting through customization. People usually communicate with friends to ease their worries and to refresh their moods. There are many ways by which you can make your chats worth engaging. Apart from writing simple messages with a boring wallpaper in the background and without stickers sometimes seems awful. Another plus point of customizing your WhatsApp chats is the use of amazing stickers and GIFs. You have a full freedom to express your emotions and thoughts by using different categories of stickers, GIFs and even emojis. Continue surfing the article as is a reliable website and only share verified and working Apps

Customize Your Chats  

There are many ways you can customize your chats 

1-Use of different wallpapers for different chats 


3-Text Size and Styles

4-Notification Tones

5-Theme change 

6-Hide your profile and status

Customization of chats will enthuse your interest and make the app even more intuitive. Customize your chats and relish a finer connecting experience.

Use of different wallpapers 

Background games have always been so strong that it can affect your whole mood. 

WhatsApp itself offers you a wide range of default wallpapers which you can opt for by your choice. There are many wallpapers that will fit best with your dark theme, some are colorful,  some are bright you can pick any. Moreover, another best thing is that you can choose wallpaper from your gallery. Yes! You heard it right. If you are fond of any of your favorite pictures you can use it as a chat wallpaper in whatsapp. 

It is not important that you have to use the same pic in every chat, you can choose different wallpapers from WhatsApp, gallery for different chats. There is no restriction and no limitation..

Another plus point of using a picture from a gallery is that you can select a friend’s picture and use it as a background for his chat solely. Isn’t it outstanding? Suppose you are chatting with a friend having his picture as the background of your chat. It will sound more fascinating while chatting with that particular person. 

The steps below will explain you on how to change your wallpaper:

Step 1: Open the application and you will see three dots on top right of the screen

Step 2: Click those three dots and click settings

Step 3: You will see the option of Chats, click it.

Step 4: Click on wallpaper and click on change

Step 5: Click change and select any wallpaper of your choice

If you wish to change the wallpaper for a specific chat. All you have to do is open whatsapp, click the chat of which you wish to change the wallpaper. You will see three dots in the chat on top right. Click it, select wallpaper and follow the same procedure as mentioned above. 


Another amazing option for customizing your chats on WhatsApp is Sticker Pack. It is the most interesting and engaging feature offered by WhatsApp. To make your chats captivating you should definitely use stickers. There are many sticker options given by the app itself however if you wish to add more you can download it from stickers maker apps. There are a bundle of apps on Play Store which will assist your needs. You can get a variety of stickers, some of which are animated and others are static pictures. 

The use of different stickers in your chats will help you express your thoughts more obviously  without just relying on words.

There is nothing difficult about sending stickers. Open the chat in which you have to send stickers, click emojis and select the third option. Your downloaded stickers and stickers by the app are all available there. Select any and send. 

Texts Size and Styles

Simple text styles, and use of constant same size looks terrible. But we got a way out for you. You can customize your text styles in many ways. You can make it bold, you can also use italic and strikethrough options. All are amazing and are essential at their own place. Talking about the text size. The medium text size is recommended by whatsapp whereas it still gives you the option to make it large or small as per your choice. If you have difficulty reading the smaller words you can change the size to medium or even large. 

Text Style can also be changed with no hustle. If you want to bold the text select asterisk before writing the word or phrase and after you have written Like this, *Whatsapp*. If you want to select the italic style, hold on the word you have written and options will appear on the screen. Select Italic. If you want to strikethrough you will use the same method as for italic. Yet instead of italic click on the strikethrough option. 

Text Size can also be changed from the settings. 

Step 1: Select on the three dots on top right in the app

Step 2: Select chats and then select font size.

Step 3: Adjust the font size as per need. 

Notification Tones

Notification tone is another exciting feature of whatsapp. Whatsapp gives you the opportunity to set different tones for different messages. Sometimes it is very annoying that you are getting so many notifications and when you see you realize that you do not want to reply to the particular person at the moment. Whatsapp alert tone has eased your problem. What you can do is set the different alert tones for different messages. Some very amazing tones for your loved ones, other tones you can choose for groups and messages you are least interested in. 

Notification tones are also to be changed from the settings

Step 1: Select three dots on the top right and select settings 

Step 2: Select notification and you will see the option of changing the sound for messages and groups. You can select the tone as per your choice. 

Theme Change 

Whatsapp gives you the option of two themes. One is dark mode and one is light mode. You can select any theme that suits you best, that coordinates with your chat background. You can select the theme by changing the settings. 

Themes are to be changed from the settings as well. 

Step 1: Select the three dots and select settings. 

Step 2: Select chats and click on theme.

Step 3: Select any theme of your choice. 

If you are a crazy lover of themes and want to customzie your chats then you should also check out Yo WhatsApp APK Download that offers more skins compared to GB WhatsApp

Set your About

If you want to prioritize and make your app more secure. You can simply adjust the settings and choose selective people with whom you wish to share your whatsapp profile photo and status. You can exclude as many people from viewing your status by changing the settings. 

About changes are also made in the settings 

Select settings>select privacy>select last photo and make the changes. 

Status settings are made in the status options. Click the status>three dots>status privacy and make the changes. 

Color Ticks 

In regular whatsapp you can either turn on your Read Receipts or turn them off. If you turn On your read receipt which means that people will be able to see if you have read their messages. However, if you turn off your read receipt people will not get to know if you have read their messages or not. Turning On or Off your read receipt will also impact your status views. If you turn On you will see others status and they can know you have seen their status and your status views will also be available. Vice versa if you turn off your read receipts. 

If we talk about GB Whatsapp you all might have heard about it. It is a next level app and a modified version of regular whatsapp. It comes with advanced features. Talking in the context of Color ticks. You can either show your ticks as blue, as a single tick or a double tick. You can also limit your ticks to a specific number of people.

 For instance if you go in the settings and select privacy you will see the option of blue ticks. You can select a blue tick for a few contacts, single tick and double tick for the rest. You will still receive the messages and you can read them as well yet the difference is that the sender will not get to know if you have read the message or if the message is delivered to you.