Choosing and Wearing Luvme Hair Short Layered Wigs


Short layered wigs are becoming more popular. The cute look of the style and the fact that it’s a low-risk option is among the reasons many ladies and celebrities wear it. With many wigs in the market that look natural now, there’s little or no doubt that their popularity will continue to skyrocket.

This article will educate you on all you need to know about Luvme Hair short-layered wigs. You’ll understand what they are, why you should buy them, and how to get the best out of them.

Luvme Hair is a wig store that sells different kinds of wigs. It’s one of the best places globally for your high-quality human hair short-layered wigs.

What are Short Layered Wigs?

Short layered wigs are layered wigs that are less than 14 inches. Layered wigs are wigs that the manufacturers cut in varying lengths. The layers at the top are shorter than the ones at the bottom, and manufacturers do the effect all around the wig.

You should note that in a layered cut, the length of all the hair isn’t equal, and manufacturers would quote the longest ones as the length of the wig. An 8-inch layered wig means many shorter strands spread across the wig.

Short-layered wigs can be human or synthetic hair, but Luvme Hair only sells quality human hair short-layered wigs. It is more natural both in look, feel, and bounce. However, you should note that better features come with a higher price.

Short-layered wigs can come in different types, like closures, frontals, minimalist lace, and headband wigs. You can also get them in different textures, colors, and densities. If you wish, you can dye your unit to your preferred tint.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Short Layered Wigs?

1.    It Adds Volume to Your Hair

Short layered wigs make it look as though the hair is fuller than it looks. The reason is that the stands open up slightly at the end. However, buying higher densities would still influence the one you get on your wig. It’s best to double down on densities when dealing with short wigs so the hair won’t look unnatural.

2.    It’s Stylish

Most people are usually skeptical as to whether or not to get layered wigs for the first time because they’re unsure as to how the style might turn out. However, wearing only one good layered wig is enough to change their perception. Short-layered wigs give a youthful and playful vibe and look adorable.

3.    It’s Perfect for Summer

When summertime or high temperature comes calling, everyone tries to stay cool. Wearing a long wig during this time won’t be a wise choice if you prioritize comfortability. However, a cute short-layered unit would let you feel cooler and more comfortable during these high temperatures.

4.    It’s Comfortable

If you’re the type who prefers your wigs to look like you aren’t wearing anything, you’ll appreciate short wigs better. There is much less hair than long units, which reduces neck strain or any other challenge that might come with wearing long hair for an extended time

Who Can Wear Short-Layered Wigs?

Long-face shapes work best with short layered wigs because they make the face appear round. While this statement can’t be far from the truth, it doesn’t mean ladies with other face shapes can’t wear it. Only extra-short short layered wigs (8 inches or below) are perfect for a round face.

You can select up to 14 inches. Therefore, you can go higher than that (8 inches) if you want a wig for other face shapes. You can even go as short as you want; it’s all about knowing how to style it to compliment your look. Ladies of all ages can also wear the wig.

What are Some Top Luvme Hair Short Layered Wigs?

1.    Trendy Layered Cut Glueless Bob Wig With Bangs

This minimalist lace wig is one of your best-layered wig options. It combines the layered, bob, and bangs to give you a cherishable unit. The wig is yaki straight textured, easy to install, and is 100% virgin hair from one donor.

2.    Natural Black Handcraft Layered 5×5 Closure HD Lace Wig

You can part this closure wig in the center, middle, and side parts. It’s low maintenance and zero-install, making it perfect for beginners. The wig is also HD lace, giving you an all-natural look.

3.    Put On & Go Reddish Purple/Brown Highlight/ Natural Black Bob Wig With Bangs

This highlights wig is the best of three colors, combining them excellently to create an astonishing style. Its carefully colored nature makes it perfect for people of all skin colors. The wig is beginner-friendly, has a flawless top lace, and is lightweight and comfortable.

4.    Shaggy Layered Cut Glueless 4×4 Closure Wig

The layered cut combined with the side-swept bang in this wig is just incredible. It frames your face perfectly and gives you a relaxed look. The wig is glueless and easy to install and maintain.

How to Maintain Your Short-Layered Wigs?

Everyone knows that a short layered wig is easier to maintain than a long one. However, it doesn’t mean you should be maintenance it poorly. Do it carefully and consistently because it’s 100% human hair.

It’s a wig, so you don’t have to worry about trimming your tresses. However, worry about combining it to look gorgeous and neat. Curly or deep wave units don’t need as much combing as straight or other loose textured units, but you must detangle them frequently if you want the wig to last.

Wash the wigs frequently with a lukewarm water. Fill a basin with the water and gently wash it inside. When you’re done, condition and dry it well. Always use high-quality shampoos and conditioners on the wig because it’s human hair.

If you observe all these maintenance routines, you have a wig that you can use for over a year. Understand that if it’s synthetic, no amount of maintenance can make it last up to a year unless you wear it sparingly.


Short layered cut wigs are those under 14 inches. They’re stylish, comfortable, easy to install, and add volume to your hair. You only need to maintain them regularly and consistently to get the best out of them.

Don’t underestimate the importance of buying from a decent store. A poorly constructed wig won’t give you what you want, no matter how well you maintain it. Therefore, you should consult a trusted store like Luvme Hair with your purchase. This article contains everything you need to get started.