Step by Step guide on Renting a Car in Morocco


Are you wondering about Morocco? What it has, and what does it not? Morocco is leading the charts for Tourism. There have been millions of international tourists visiting the place.

Often, they need to move from one place to another. Owning a vehicle is full of hassles and comes at higher expenses. Public transport increases the hassle, too.

Solution? Only one thing is left, then. It is a Morocco rent a car  service. But tourists don’t know the exact process. How to do it safely and legally?

Is that so? This guide will explore the step-by-step process of preparing yourself for hiring the best cars in Morocco and Casablanca.

5 steps to use Casablanca Rent a Car service

Before finalising the Casablanca Rent a Car service, you must check your pocket. Can it support the tour on rented cars? Great! Here are some steps to tick off!

Step 1: Find out the Best Rental Service

There are tons of rental services in Morocco. Who would you prefer? It can be extremely confusing. The crux of the matter is the budget, reliability, and the cars available at the specific rental center.

All these factors collectively contribute to the selection of the TOP PICK service.

To ease up this process, you can use the aggregator. It helps you evaluate the best car services and rent a car that matches your pocket.

Step 2: Have Legal Documents in Place

Renting a Car Morocco is not a simple process. You’ll get stuck in thousands of legal matters unless you have the essential documents.

No government is going to allow you without a driving license. You must have the following documents:

  • Passport/Visa
  • Driving Approval from your local country
  • International driving permit

Having these documents will keep you safer and out of any legal problems.

Step 3: Choose Best Car

Not every car is best for the tour. It largely depends on what you are driving. For instance, you have made up your mind to drive through the Morocco deserts. A Rolls Royce is a TOTAL FAILURE! Specialized 4×4 vehicles can be an ideal choice.

Moreover, you need to look into your pocket, too. It gives an idea of your budget range and car selection.

Based on it, you can land the best car.

Step 4: Do a thorough Inspection

Hiring? Wait a minute. Why is it so hurry? You still need a hell of an inspection to do.

Start from the external appearance of the vehicle. Move, spotting out the dents and scratches. Ensure there is an AC that is 100% functional and keeps you out of the high temperature in summer.

Has the inspection been done? One more thing is there. Check the insurance policy for the car. An insurance policy will keep you safer in case of any damage. And recover the losses.

Step 5: Rent the Car

All yes! Now, you can say yes to renting a car.

Choose your favourite car. Fill up the legal form for hiring the vehicle. And boom!

Finally, you can now take the car to your tour.


One important thing is to know the rental service. Always know the company’s background. And use only if it is reliable.

To find the top companies, you can use Apps like One Click Drive. It is going to help you out of rent scams. And keep on enjoying the tour with the reliable rent cars Marrakech service.