10 Tips To Write Human Rights Law Essays That Leave A Lasting Impression


You may have seen a mother screaming in the court backyard for her child’s murder just because justice was not granted. Or people are on the roads holding various placards to ask for freedom. The point is, why are they supposed to struggle for what is their basic human right? Why do they need to fund various associations to raise their voices so that I can be listened to? We must have the freedom of expression or tame our lives as we want to. Apart from law, justice must be granted as it is a basic human right.

A report published in Human Rights Watch on November 15 2023, in which the UK Courts found Rwanda unsafe for asylum seekers. It’s a huge success that will protect countless lives. The court agreed that they violate humans as they face ill-treatment known as refoulement.

This shows how important the concern is to be addressed. First, we must recognise that wrong practices have become so normalised in society that no one questions them. There should be public awareness about human rights so they can see the other side of the story, which is actually in their favour.

You can use various means such as print or electronic media, going to protests or at least consider cruelty as bad at a minimum level. Writing human rights law essays can be an effective means of opinion communication, especially for a University or college student.

Here, you can compile your high-quality thoughts effectively to address the public. A good student with a strong viewpoint can illustrate his idea with little peer assistance. But after concisely figuring out your human rights law essay ideas, getting essay writing services can be a better choice if you want perfection in your writing. The human rights law essay writers are experts in their field to provide ultimate solutions to your needs.

What Is Human Rights Law?

It is someone’s right or freedom to live, act and do how they want. Consequently, it forms the base of the individual and government relationship.

According to Amnesty International UK, after the horrific event of World War II in 1998, 48 countries’ representatives from the UN devised a list of basic human rights. It is the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” or “Human Rights Act 1998.”

United Nations define it as,

“International human rights law lays down the obligations of Governments to act in certain ways or to refrain from certain acts in order to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals or groups.”

A statistical analysis of leading countries for human rights and the rule of law as of 2022 can be illustrated graphically as,

The countries having low human rights are all located in Europe. There is a grading scale from zero to 10. Those countries falling at zero grade are the best countries. On the contrary, those on 10 are the worst for human rights. Among all, Yemen was considered the worst for human rights.

Top 10 Tips To Write Human Rights Law Essays

A human rights law essay writing translates your thoughts and critical analysis on paper. While a reader is reading your viewpoint, he will question some points during its assessment.

  • Does the human rights law assignment demonstrate the set task?
  • Does your point stand in a strong and supporting position?
  • Is there a relevant use of sources?
  • Your expression or writing style is appropriate?
  • Is there a coherent organisation of ideas?

1. Critical Analysis of Your Concern

A student must address a particular question in context. So you should know what you are being asked. Make sure,

  • You cover the key concepts specific to the task
  • The diversity of topics is focused
  • Cover dimensions such as discuss, analyse, define, compare and evaluate.

Civilised discourse demands critical thinking, self-reflexiveness, and sober-headed analysis.” Daniel Lubetzky

2. Be Focused On Your Argument

As you write, you must consider the argument for a smooth write-up. So, you should take an infrared position and viewpoint. To make it specific, write a 50-character “thesis statement” to give an idea of what you are concerned about.

According to ResearchGate, the thesis statement is important in the introduction of every essay. It’s a single specific claim that supports your whole essay and sketches a blueprint for the rest of the paper.

3. Provide References to Support View Point

If you are just starting your points without referring to some sources to support your point, it’s useless.

  • Provide human rights law essay examples, facts, quotations, statistics and illustrations.
  • Evaluate the evidence to show how it supports your viewpoint.
  • Can cite case studies.

4. Harmony of Ideas Is A Must

It refers to using vocabulary and grammatical structure that connect ideas in your writing. However, following the essay human rights law essay structure, such as the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, will keep you aligned with the pace.

5. Clarity of Ideas

An essay will only get support or good grades if it’s written clearly. And it always comes with revisions. Once you read it repeatedly, you can better judge whether it’s saying what you wanted it to. Ask yourself,

  • Did you state the argument in your introduction?
  • Easy structure aligned with the base you set in your introduction?
  • Match your main point and supporting argument; are they similar?

“Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That’s why it’s so hard.” David McCullough.

6. Don’t Be Personal

In academic writing, you should avoid using the word “I”. You can state your point of view with references from existing literature, but solely describing it yourself sounds irrational. Similarly, the use of words like you, and we, must be discouraged. There should be a professional way to address facts. Emotions can play a part in making your logic strong, but still, reasoning is what comes first here.

The City University of Hong Kong says that academic writing must be objective and used if the first person makes the concept emotional and subjective. So, it must be impersonal.

7. Consider Your Department’s Writing Guide

You must follow the formal writing style in your department. For example, if you write an essay in a journal like “Pakistan Journal of Botany’. Nutella Botanica”, etc. Here, before starting to write, consider the template they have given for the writers to follow. If it’s not comprehensive clearly, you can ask your teacher or any other senior who has already published his writing before.

8. Follow A Formal Writing Style

  • Avoid generalising concepts like “everyone knows”, “as you are aware”, etc.
  • Be specific about whom you address. Using words like “many people” and “many of us” is discouraged. Clearly state to whom you are addressing.
  • Using words like “in the beginning” and” Historically” also confuses the reader. Highlight the period you are highlighting.
  • Don’t use words like “cool’, “stuff”, or “coz”; it’s an unprofessional way of addressing.

9. Importance of Paraphrasing And Plagiarism

You should understand the difference between using someone’s words as a reference and where to paraphrase. The best approach is to paraphrase ideas in your human rights law essay tone so the reader can easily comprehend them.

If you just copy and paste others’ quotes, it shows your negligence in analysing them. However, citing the quote’s proper reference will save you, and your text will not be plagiarised.

10. Have A Writing Partner

Having someone like-minded is a true blessing. The way you can analyse your ideas in teamwork is not compared with the individual’s effort.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller.

Proofreading your writing is difficult, so exchange your writing with each other. This way, it can be evaluated in the best way.

Wrapping Up

It is easier to write human rights law essays after this comprehensive guide. There are some basic writing steps. You must also consider the additional writing tips to perform well throughout. A brilliant student who is clear and argumentative about his ideas can do an excellent job now.

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