Crafting the Perfect Cast on Crit Bow in Path of Exile


In the ever-expansive universe of Path of Exile, the way you craft your gear can be a defining factor for your character’s success. Today, we delve into the meticulous process of crafting a “Cast on Crit” bow, specially tailored for Palestron’s Castle and critical strike builds. While this method is primarily geared towards critical strike bow builds, the principles MMOexp will discuss are versatile and can be applied to various crit-based builds that utilize bows.

Crafting a “Cast on Crit” Bow – Step by Step


  • A bow base with at least 28 quality
  • Essence of Woe
  • Perfect Fossils
  • Annulment Orbs
  • Exalted Orbs
  • Veiled Chaos Orb
  • Crafting bench materials (cannot roll attack modifiers, suffixes cannot be changed, prefixes cannot be changed, three crafts of modifiers)

Selecting the Base

Every successful crafting endeavor begins with selecting the right base item. For this particular build, we’re eyeing a bow with specific modifiers: “+1 to socketed gems,” “spell damage” (obtained through the “Essence of Woe”), “increased Critical Strike chance,” and a few optional modifiers that we’ll add later through crafting.

You can choose a base with desirable inherent stats. For instance, the Spine Bow has excellent base critical strike chance, while synthesized implicits like “spell damage,” “fire damage,” “Critical Strike multiplier,” “base attack speed,” and “base crit” are all valuable attributes to look for.

Quality Improvement

To start, we need to enhance the quality of our chosen bow. Using Perfect Fossils, we aim to raise the quality from its base level to at least 28%. This quality boost allows us to utilize the crafting bench’s “increased critical strike quality” option later in the process. Perfect Fossils offers a chance to roll between 15% and 30% quality. Acquiring a bow with 28% quality or more will save you some headaches down the line.

The Essence of Woe

The next step involves using the Essence of Woe. Our goal here is to obtain a “Tier 1 Critical Strike chance.” The process may seem daunting as it has a 1 in 34 chance of success. It’s recommended to purchase 41 or 42 Essence of Woe, as you’ll need a few attempts to hit the desired outcome.

Annulment Process

Once you’ve successfully obtained a “Tier 1 Critical Strike chance,” you’ll need to annul down to preserve only two mods – the ones you’ve crafted. This process can be tedious, but it’s a crucial step in achieving your desired bow.

Multi-Mod Crafting

For cast-on-crit or crit-based bow builds, you might choose to opt for “critical strike multiplier” instead of “Critical Strike chance” as your crafting choice. Multi-mod crafting allows you to have more control over your bow’s modifiers.

Freezing the Prefixes

Now that you’ve secured your chosen prefixes, it’s time to ensure no additional prefixes are added to your bow. By using the crafting bench, you can “cannot roll attack mods” on your bow. This guarantees that only the prefixes you want are present on the item.

Crafting Desired Modifiers

For this build, your next objective is to craft “plus one level of socketed support gems.” This modifier is crucial to enhancing the bow’s effectiveness. In addition to that, you’ll craft “attack speed” to further boost your damage output. Utilizing the crafting bench for these operations ensures the desired modifiers are applied.

Adding Quality

Finally, to complete the process, you’ll want to add some life force and craft “crit quality,” which grants one percent critical strike chance per quality. Remember that achieving a quality of 28% earlier was a strategic choice that pays off here.

Price Check and Market Value

Now that you’ve crafted your perfect “Cast on Crit” bow, you might be wondering about its value in the in-game economy. A well-crafted bow like this can be quite valuable. The price often depends on the quality of the base and the modifiers, especially any synthesized implicit. Some crafted bows can sell for approximately 14 Divine POE Orbs, but the market value can vary, so it’s essential to check trade sites for up-to-date pricing.

Tips and Additional Information

Crafting the “+1 level of socketed support gems” modifier can be achieved by unveiling Katarina’s veiled items. Use the crafting bench to block unwanted prefixes and unveil them until you get the desired modifier.

Remember to stay patient during the crafting process, especially when hitting the “Tier 1 Critical Strike chance” via Essence of Woe. It might take several attempts.

Spine Bows and other bows with appealing base stats are often more affordable than bows with high-quality synthesized implicit. Consider your budget and your specific build needs when selecting your base.


Crafting a “Cast on Crit” bow in Path of Exile can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. This process allows you to create a powerful weapon tailored to your build’s specific needs. By meticulously following these steps, you can ensure that your crafted bow not only meets your expectations but can also command a valuable spot in the in-game trading market. Whether you’re taking on Palestron’s Castle or any other challenging content, your perfect bow will be your trusty companion on the path to success.

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