New World: Top 3 Solo Player Builds for 2023


New World, the popular MMO from Amazon Games, offers players a dynamic and challenging gaming experience. While teaming up with friends and allies is a common way to tackle the game, many players enjoy the thrill of going solo. In this article, we’ll explore the top three solo player builds for New World in 2023. MMOexp will break down the attributes, weapon masteries, perks, gear, gems, and gameplay strategies for each build. Whether you’re new to the game or looking to optimize your solo play, we’ve got you covered.

Build 1: Great Sword and Hatchet


  • Dexterity: 100
  • Strength: 100
  • Constitution: 50

The Great Sword and Hatchet build focuses on balanced attributes. Dexterity and strength are essential, and by level 60, you should have around 200 strength, 150 dexterity, and 150 constitutions.


  • Light category (Medium chest piece and the rest of light equipment)

Great Sword Weapon Masteries:

  • Relentless Rush
  • Calmatic Counter
  • Steadfast Strike

Hatchet Weapon Masteries:

  • Berserk
  • Feral Rush
  • Social Distancing

Gameplay: This build combines the power of the Great Sword for crowd control and the Hatchet for high single-target damage. The Relentless Rush ability in the Great Sword helps you engage enemies, followed by the Calmatic Counter for countering enemy attacks. The Hatchet’s Berserk ability is excellent for self-healing and damage boost. Feral Rush is your gap-closer, and Social Distancing provides invulnerability.

Conclusion: The Great Sword and Hatchet build offers a great balance between crowd control and single-target damage. It’s a versatile choice for solo players.

Build 2: Bow and Spear


  • Dexterity: 200
  • Constitution: 100

This build focuses on dexterity for ranged damage. By level 60, aim for around 300 dexterity and 200 constitutions.


  • Light category (Medium chest piece and the rest of light equipment)

Bow Weapon Masteries:

  • Penetrating Shot
  • Explosive Arrow
  • Rapid Shot

Spear Weapon Masteries:

  • Keen Edge
  • Peer Raate
  • Sweep

Gameplay: The Bow and Spear build offers a ranged and melee combo. The Penetrating Shot in the Bow provides excellent AOE damage, while the Explosive Arrow adds crowd control. The Spear’s Keen Edge provides a gap-closer, while the Peer Raate is a multi-hit skill. Use the Sweep for knocking down and finishing off your foes.

Conclusion: This build is perfect for those who enjoy the flexibility of both ranged and melee combat. It’s a well-balanced choice for solo players.

Build 3: Great Axe and Warhammer


  • Strength: 200
  • Constitution: 100

This build is all about raw power. By level 60, target around 300 strength and 200 constitutions.


  • Medium category (Heavy helmet, heavy chest armor, medium gloves, light pants, and medium boots)

Great Axe Weapon Masteries:

  • Maelstrom
  • Gravity Well
  • Charge

Warhammer Weapon Masteries:

  • Shock Wave
  • Path of Destiny
  • Breaking Ball

Gameplay: The Great Axe and Warhammer build is a high damage melee bruiser setup. The Maelstrom in the Great Axe pulls enemies in for AOE damage. The Warhammer’s Shock Wave is an AOE crowd control ability, and the Path of Destiny is your heavy-hitting skill. Combine these skills for maximum damage.

Conclusion: For those who love powerful melee combat and tankiness, the Great Axe and Warhammer build is an excellent choice.


These top three solo player builds in New World for 2023 offer diverse playstyles, each catering to different preferences. Whether you prefer the versatility of the Great Sword and Hatchet, the ranged potential of the Bow and Spear, or the sheer power of the Great Axe and Warhammer, there’s a solo build for you.

Remember to choose your gear, gems, and perks wisely to optimize your character. Experiment with these builds and fine-tune them to match your playstyle. Solo play can be a challenging and rewarding experience in the New World, and with the right build, you’ll be well-prepared to face the adventures that await.

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