Efficient Team-Oriented Techniques for Your Optimal Wellness


Performance Pain and Sports Medicine comprises the invincible providers for Raritan anti-aging & regenerative medicine. Using the latest equipment, the adept team strives to offer a team-oriented approach in line with your overall health and wellbeing.

About Practice

Performance Pain and Sports Medicine offers quality services to relieve chronic pain enabling patients to live a productive life without needing surgery. In its convenient locations, the team strives to bring the necessary expertise to grant you reprieve from your symptoms.

Your Performance Pain and Sports Medicine staff comprehend that every patient is unique and requires a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan. To that end, they offer professional therapies for a full range of musculoskeletal conditions such as fibromyalgia, back and neck pain, headaches, migraines, nerve pain, and joint pain.

As a patient, the practice guarantees such privileges as low or no waiting time, convenient opening hours, no double booking, and VIP access to your doctor through direct email. To ensure fewer injection therapies, your specialist takes a suitable duration for your diagnosis. 

Services Offered

Performance Pain and Sports Medicine hosts a panel of adept professionals passionate about optimizing your overall wellness. You can receive various high-class services at the offices including:

  •       Spine Pain Specialist- Spine pain in your low back and neck contributes to the most frequent causes of missing workdays and doctor trips. Your skillful providers at Performance Pain and Sports Medicine are the partners you need for a customized and comprehensive treatment for your condition.
  •       Back pain Specialist- Back pain may result from a variety of reasons. Although it is deemed to die out after some time, it is imperative to seek professional assistance if symptoms persist.
  •       Knee Pain Specialist- If you encounter chronic back pain, do not wait. Contact the specialists at Performance Pain and Sports Medicine. The team comprises pain management experts uniquely talented in the diagnosis and treatment of knee pain.
  •       Sports Injuries Specialist- Sports injuries occur in many forms. At their six strategic locations, your highly-trained specialists at Performance Pain and Sports Medicine regularly diagnose and treat sports injuries to grant you a lasting reprieve.
  •       Neck Pain Specialist- Although recurring neck pain is no cause for alarm, limited neck flexibility and chronic back pain require expert intervention. To improve your long-term neck health, the specialists customize your treatments using joint injections, regeneration therapies, and spinal decompression procedures.
  •       Foot and Ankle Pain Specialist- A blow to your ankle and foot can cause unimaginable pain and leave you immobile. If you encounter this condition, contact the doctors at Performance Pain and Sports Medicine for effective diagnosis and treatment.
  •       Nerve Pain Specialist- Relentless stabbing or burning sensation may indicate underlying nerve damage. At the practice, your competent team of specialists provides innovative, minimally invasive treatments to address nerve pain and minimize your risk of further complications.
  •       Stem Cell Therapy- For prevalent musculoskeletal conditions such as sports injuries and joint pains, stem cell therapy is an advanced treatment option. Contact the specialist to learn how you can benefit from this innovative therapy.

If you desire a wholesome, patient-centered approach to address your chronic pain or a unique blend of services unattainable anywhere else, contact Performance Pain and Sports Medicine for a personalized treatment solution.