Endoscopy Singapore: Is it Covered by Health MediSave?


Simply put, endoscopy is a procedure to examine body internals. It’s often used for digestive system issues.

A flexible tube with a light and camera, the endoscope is used to capture images of the digestive tract’s lining. Before the procedure, fasting and mild sedation might be needed.

The endoscope goes through the mouth or other openings. Images guide doctors to diagnose ulcers, inflammation, tumors, and more.

Biopsies can be taken if needed. This non-invasive method helps detect problems early, aiding in prompt treatment. That said, you may wonder, is endoscopy MediSave claimable? Keep reading to find out!

Can you use MediSave for Endoscopy?

MediSave is a Singaporean national savings program that allows citizens and permanent residents to set aside a portion of their income into a special account. This account can be used to cover healthcare expenses including;

  • Hospitalization fees
  • Surgery fees
  • Fees for certain outpatient treatments, and
  • Fees for approved medical procedures for themselves and eligible family members.

With that in mind, if you’re considering endoscopy in Singapore, you may wonder; can you use MediSave for colonoscopy? Here’s an answer you will find helpful;

Endoscopy is generally covered by MediSave in Singapore, provided that certain conditions are met. It can be used to offset a portion of the costs. However, there are some criteria to fulfill. For example, the procedure must be performed by a doctor who is registered under the Singapore Medical Council.

It should also be done in a MediSave-approved institution, like a recognized hospital or clinic. The amount that can be withdrawn from MediSave depends on the type of endoscopy. Also, it will be influenced by whether it’s done in a public or private healthcare facility.

The limits you can withdraw from MediSave for endoscopy in Singapore are set by the Ministry of Health. So, they may change over time. Also, any withdrawal from MediSave is subject to a certain deductible and co-payment.

What this means is that, you might need to pay a portion of the cost using cash or other means. To use MediSave for endoscopy in Singapore, you need to submit a MediSave claim through the healthcare institution where the procedure was conducted. They will assist you in processing the claim and deducting the approved amount from your MediSave account.

How do you find a Good Clinic for Endoscopy in Singapore?

Finding a reliable clinic for endoscopy in Singapore is crucial for maintaining good health. It isn’t so straightforward though. So, you will need to take your time to compare different facilities. Here are five easy tips for the start;

  1. Research Clinic Reputation: Begin your search by researching the reputation of clinics that offer endoscopy services. Look for clinics with positive patient reviews. Also, the testimonials should be positive. Online platforms, such as Google Reviews or healthcare-specific websites, can provide valuable insights into patients’ experiences. Also, seek recommendations from friends, family, or your primary care physician. Reputable clinics are more likely to provide quality services and prioritize patient satisfaction.
  2. Check Medical Expertise: Evaluate the medical expertise of the clinic’s healthcare professionals. Ensure that the clinic employs qualified and experienced gastroenterologists who specialize in performing endoscopy procedures. You can often find information about the clinic’s medical staff on their official website. Verify their credentials, years of experience, and any specialized training in gastrointestinal procedures. A skilled medical team enhances the safety and accuracy of the endoscopy procedure.
  3. Assess Clinic Facilities: Visit the clinic’s website or contact them directly to gather information about their facilities. The clinic should be well-equipped with advanced endoscopy equipment and technology. State-of-the-art facilities contribute to better visualization during the procedure and improve diagnostic accuracy. Be sure to also inquire about the clinic’s adherence to hygiene and infection control standards. A clean and well-maintained environment is crucial for preventing the risk of infections.
  4. Inquire About Services Offered: Understand the range of endoscopy services offered by the clinic. Different endoscopy procedures target various organs and conditions. Ensure that the clinic provides the specific type of endoscopy you need. Common types include upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, colonoscopy, and bronchoscopy. Also, inquire about the availability of specialized procedures. These may include; therapeutic endoscopy or endoscopic ultrasound, depending on the specific medical needs you may have. A comprehensive range of services indicates the clinic’s commitment to providing diverse and tailored care.
  5. Consider Accessibility and Location: Consider the clinic’s location and accessibility when making your decision. Opt for a clinic that is conveniently located, minimizing travel time and stress. Proximity to public transportation and parking facilities can further enhance convenience. Also, check the clinic’s operating hours to ensure they align with your schedule. In case of emergencies or urgent follow-up appointments, easy access to the clinic can be vital.
  6. Verify Clinic Accreditation: Ensure that the clinic is accredited by relevant healthcare authorities in Singapore. Accreditation indicates that the clinic meets stringent quality and safety standards. Look for certifications from organizations like the Ministry of Health (MOH) or the Joint Commission International (JCI). Accredited clinics adhere to best practices, ensuring that you receive care that meets high standards of medical excellence.
  7. Understand MediSave Coverage: Check if the clinic accepts payments through MediSave. As you now understand, MediSave allows you to use your accumulated savings for eligible medical procedures, including endoscopy in Singapore. Before your appointment, inquire about the clinic’s MediSave accreditation and the specific procedures covered. This financial assistance can significantly ease the financial burden of medical expenses.
  8. Seek Cost Transparency: Discuss the cost of the endoscopy procedure upfront. Reputable clinics provide transparent pricing information, including consultation fees, procedure costs, and any additional charges. Confirm whether the clinic accepts insurance, and if so, which insurance providers they are affiliated with. Clarity regarding costs ensures that you can make informed financial decisions and prevents unexpected bills.

In Closing

Endoscopy procedures can be covered by MediSave in Singapore. However, be sure to check to ascertain that you meet the necessary criteria. Most importantly, follow the proper procedures for claiming.

And always, check with your doctor and relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information on MediSave coverage for endoscopy in Singapore. This is important because the policies are subject to change. To schedule an appointment with a gastro specialist for endoscopy in Singapore or just inquire about MediSave for endoscopy, call or visit us at;

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