How Do Window Cleaners Clean High-Rise Buildings?


Clean windows are crucial to tall building aesthetics and structural stability.

High-rise windows are hard to clean; thus, they’re ignored. As a consequence, your windows may have years of filth and debris. Instead, enjoy the view from clean windows, and we’ll show you how.

The window cleaning method begins with a risk assessment and an architectural assessment. This evaluation helps cleaners choose methods. Window access is usually done securely using ropes, platforms, or cradles. Click here for more info on anchors and how to keep window cleaners safe.

Technicians may clean glass using squeegees, scrapers, and detergents. They must wear helmets, harnesses, and other safety gear.

How to clean the interior of high-rise windows

Cleaning windows from the inside is straightforward. Inside windows are easy to clean if the glass is accessible. Use stairs, stalls, or ladders cautiously if the windows are tricky.

To clean windows: 

  • Lay a towel on the floor beneath the window to collect any leaking water.
  • Remove loose dirt from the window with a clean, dry cloth before washing.
  • Dip the towel in lukewarm water, squeeze excess water, and gently clean the window.
  • Use a mild home glass cleaner to clean the window, wiping and rinsing until complete.
  • To eradicate water spots on windows, use a chamois or microfiber cloth for complete drying and a shining finish.

Now for the harder part. Your high-rise windows can be cleaned from the outside.

Avoid cleaning windows from the outside due to safety risks and uneven cleaning. Modern tools like telescopic cleaners and window washing kits can help clean windows from the inside, but cloths must be fastened to the pole, and the glass cleaning solution must be applied to the fabric. Robotic window cleaners with powerful suction and self-traveling capabilities can clean windows with minimal effort, but reviews should be checked before purchasing. Magnetic window cleaners use two magnets to clean windows, which are simpler but may not provide the desired finish. While these methods are legitimate for high-rise windows, they may not provide the desired finish.

How to clean the exterior of high-rise windows

As vigilant as ever, we will reiterate that if there is any chance that you may be harmed, you should not try to clean the exterior of your high-rise windows. You should always utilize anti-slip pads beneath the bottom of the ladder and never try to climb the ladder alone, even if your windows are approachable from ground level.

Ideally, an extending water-fed pole would be used to clean your high-rise windows. If it isn’t accessible, however, you may use a dish soap drop, glass cleaner, and a telescopic cleaning pole. As with washing the window from the inside, proceed as directed, but add a dab of dish soap to the tepid water to prevent stains. Since you could find it difficult to completely dry the windows if you need to use a telescopic pole, the dish soap will remove any water streaks once washed and allowed to air dry.

While cleaning your high-rise windows yourself is possible, we suggest contacting your local professional window cleaners for optimal results.