How to Play Uno  From Basic to Advanced for New Players


How to play Uno is a topic that receives a lot of attention from beginners. This is a popular board game around the world and is also popular in Vietnam. This game is suitable for groups of 4 to 10 people. Not only does it bring fun, it also helps players develop thinking and community connections. If you are still confused, please refer to it Detailed gameplay that Nhà cái Hi88 has compiled.

Decoding the meaning of the cards in Uno

When learning how to play Uno ,you will see yes The 4 main colors are red, yellow, green, blue, numbered from 0 to 9. Besides, Uno also possesses a number of cards with other special functions. Below is a specific description:

 how to play Uno  with cards that have additional draw function

In how to play Uno ,Additional drawn cards always bring unexpected drama that you cannot predict. As follows:

  • +2 Card (Draw 2 Cards): Players can use this card when the opponent plays a card of the same color as the +2 card they are holding. In addition, if the previous person plays a +2 card of a different color, use it to calculate the accumulation for the next person.
  • +4 card (Wild Draw 4 Cards): This is considered the strongest card in Uno. When you play this card, you have the right to choose any color for the next turn. At the same time, the next person will have to draw 4 cards if there is no similar function card to apply the Combo rule.

Cards Take a Turn, Reversal and Change Color

Besides the bonus cards, you also need to pay attention to the following cards:

  • Change color (Wild Cards): When playing this card, the player has the freedom to choose the color for the next turn.
  • Skip Cards: The next player will lose their turn (not play a card) when you play the Skip Card.
  • Reverse Cards: When this card is played down, the game changes direction in the opposite direction.

Instructions on how to play the most basic Uno card game

According to how to play Uno ,mEach participant will receive 7 random cards. It will include both normal number cards and function cards. The remaining cards are placed in the middle of the table and one person will play first to start the game. In particular, you will always play clockwise before the first Skip Card appears. The next player must play cards based on the following principles:

  • Rule 1: Play down cards of the same color/same number.
  • Principle 2: You have the right to play a special function card (black) anytime it’s your turn.

If there is no suitable card in hand, the player must draw more cards from the deck of cards face down in the middle of the table. When you have a card that meets the conditions, you need to play it downright to avoid losing your turn.

When there is only one last card left in hand, the player must shout “UNO” to warn that they are about to run out of cards. If you don’t do it and someone else calls it out for you, you have to draw 2 more cards. This process continues until one player runs out of cards first and wins.

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For how to play Uno ,After the game ends, it will calculate points for the remaining players. It is based on the following principles:

  • Numbered cards (0-9) have points corresponding to the number written on the card.
  • The function cards Draw +2, Forbidden turn, and Change direction are all worth 20 points.
  • Black cards Change color, Draw +4 are worth 50 points.
  • The winner’s score is calculated by summing the scores of the losers.
  • Continue with other Uno games until there is a final winner (earning 500 points).

Instructions on  how to play Uno  according to extended rules

Except for the basic fighting style, how to play Uno  Expansion is also very popular. Specifically, we have two types of play according to double rules and combo rules:

  • Double play rules: Currently, the double play style of playing Uno is quite popular. Specifically, when you own two cards that are the same in both color and number, you can play them down at the same time to run out of cards faster. However, you should notify other players to avoid getting caught.
  • Combo game rules: When your opponent plays Draw cards +2, +4, if there is a corresponding function card, put it down to accumulate cards for the next person. This rule applies until a player cannot continue leaves +2 or +4 again. Therefore, they will have to draw a total number of cards equal to the total value of the previously drawn cards. Note that +2 will not be overwritten with +4.


Hi88’s above article has guided you how to play Uno in both basic and advanced styles. JoinUno is a way for us to enjoy interesting moments with friends or family during Tet. So join today to experience this super cool game.