The Most Accurate Way to See Football select for New Players


How to watch soccer select It’s not difficult at all, as long as you have the investment to learn thoroughly. In this article, we will guide new recruits on the standard rules for reading odds when joining NEW88. Hopefully through that, bettors will feel more confident to successfully beat this house.

Instructions on how to watch Asian handicap soccer select

Asian Handicap is also known by many other names such as Handicap, Handicap,… With this handicap, the house will divide the two teams into upper and lower bets through analysis of form and performance. force,… However, the rules for calculating rewards with this form of select are a bit difficult to understand for rookies. So before experiencing at game portal New 88, you should learn how to watch basic football select below.

Ball ratio

The English handicap will be determined in confrontations involving two equally talented teams. So, this ratio reading rule will include the following information:

  • Choose the home team: Players receive a bonus when this team wins with any score.
  • Away team bet: You bet on the payout ratio if the favorite team loses.
  • If the match ends in a draw, all players will receive a refund from the house.

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Odds 1/4

How to view football select with a 1/4 handicap will be a little more difficult to remember. Specifically, new recruits need to memorize a few bonus calculation rules as follows:

  • Choose the upper bet: You will receive the full bonus if the selected team wins with any score.
  • Bet under: The player wins enough profit in case the over loses.
  • If the two teams are tied, the upper bet loses half the money and the lower bet wins half the money.

Odds 1/2

When participating in the experience on the NEW88 homepage, players will see this ratio is also denoted as 0.5 bet. Regarding how to view soccer select for this form of handicap, you need to strictly follow the following rules:

  • Choose the upper bet: The player will win a reward if this team wins.
  • Bet on the under: Bet on the player to receive a bonus if the over loses or the match has a draw.

Odds ratio 3/4

If you’ve ever played soccer select, you’ve probably seen this common handicap at least once. At that time, we need to remember some select rules as follows:

  • Close the above bet: The bettor receives the full bonus in case this team wins with a difference of 2 goals or more.
  • select on the underdog: According to the standard football select method, you only win when the underdog team loses or the match results in a draw.
  • If the upper bet wins with a score gap of exactly 1 goal, choosing this team wins half the money, the lower bet loses half the money.

Standard European handicap reading rules for rookies

European Handicap or 1×2 is one of the forms of select chosen by many rookies. Because the bonus calculation rules are extremely simple, you just need to learn it and you can grasp it immediately.

Specifically, when learning how to watch soccer select for 1×2 odds, players will see there are 3 select options. This includes Win – Draw – Loss, corresponding to the result of the team playing the home role.

The bettor’s task is to evaluate the odds and choose one of the above bets to put down money. In case the prediction is correct, you receive the prize and if you lose, you will lose all your capital to the house.

Learn now how to read over/under soccer select odds

The way to view soccer select on over/under odds has many similarities with Asian odds. However, the only factor you need to pay attention to when select is the total number of goals scored by both teams. If you are a rookie, the player needs to read the following instructions carefully and thoroughly.

Over/under ratio 1.5 balls

The over/under bet of 1.5 goals is often fixed in many matches, so it is not difficult for you to come across this ratio. When select, keep in mind some basic rules about calculating bonuses as follows:

  • Choose Over: Bet over to receive a prize in case the total number of goals of the teams is 2 or more.
  • Choose under: The player brings in a bonus if both teams bring in less than 2 goals.

Odds 1.75 left

How to view soccer select on the over/under ratio of 1.75 left will be a bit more complicated. Therefore, new recruits need to master the following basic rules after their first experience:

  • Choose Over: Players receive full rewards when both teams score 3 or more goals.
  • Under: You receive full profit when the total number of goals in the match is less than 2.
  • In case the total number of goals scored is exactly 2 goals, choosing over wins half the money, select under under loses half the money.

Over/Under ratio 2 balls

With this bet, you need to calculate the reward based on the following formulas:

  • Choose Over: The player wins when the two teams bring a total of 3 or more goals.
  • Choose under: Bet under to receive a bonus if the total number of goals scored is less than 2.
  • In case the total number of goals is exactly 2, all participants will receive a refund.

In the above article, we have compiled instructions for new players How to watch football select The most standard 2024. If you are looking for a quality and green game portal to experience every day, join NEW88 today.