What is Football 3/4? Learn Details About 3/4 Odds In Soccer


What is the 3/4 soccer bet? Perhaps those who have been select on football for a long time will understand this type of bet clearly. However, those who have just started playing do not understand this type of bet very well. That’s why today’s article will bring you bettors to discover this new type of betgame portal Nhà Cái Jun88 in the most detailed way.

Learn briefly about the 3/4 football odds

This is an Asian bet that is offered on matches when there is not much difference in performance, or the strength correlation of both teams.

Handicap 3/4inballstoneAlso known by many different names such as 0.5-1 bet or 0.75 bet. When you see this type of bet on the odds table system of game portal, players should understand that the upper team (team A) will handicap the lower team (team B) by 0.75 goals. If team A wins by 2 goals in the final, the bettor bets on team A to win and vice versa.

The way to bet on a 3/4 handicap looks similar to a 1-hand handicap, but new players will find it a bit confusing at first when they first place a bet. Because the matches will be game portal The default select ratio is 3/4 and the winning probability of the above team is about 90%.

How to play and what is the formula for 3/4 soccer odds?

The 3/4 soccer bet is a quite special type of bet, classified as quite difficult for those new to this type of bet. So that you can better understand this type of bet, please follow this next part

Detailed instructions on how to play 3/4 football odds

As introduced above, you also understand What is the 3/4 soccer bet?. However, as for how to play this handicap, you can understand it in the following way

  • If the upper bet wins the lower bet with a score of 1-0 => The team that bets on the upper bet will win half the money and the team that bet on the lower bet will lose half the money.
  • If you bet on the upper team winning the lower team with a difference of 2 goals or more such as 2-0, 3-0, 4-1,… then you bet on the upper team will win the bet and receive benefits. enough money back, and those who bet on the underdog team lose the bet and that means losing money.
  • There are cases where the team with the upper bet and the team with the lower bet are tied, then the upper team will lose the bet and lose all the money, and the lower bet team will win the bet and get all the money.

Formulas to calculate winning/losing money in 3/4 ball odds

Besides the concerns What is the 3/4 soccer bet? Many people are also interested in calculating wins/losses during the select process. Like the 1/4 bet, the profit you bet on the 3/4 bet in football is formed with the following formula:

Winning moneyWhat is 3/4 football odds? 

  • Winning amount = Bet amount * win rate (negative signs are not included).
  • Half win = 0.5 bet * win rate.

What is the loss of football bet 3/4?

  • Total loss = Bet amount * oddslose. 
  • Half loss = 0.5 bet * oddslose.

To determine the handicap of 3/4, and apply both the winning and losing formula at the same time, you can better understand how to manage and control your money before and after select.

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Things to know whenBrothers play football odds 3/4

Forbrothers follow many years and haveExperience is easy to observe the number on the odds of game portal. BecauseThose numbers will show brother how to play,theselect method to minimize risk and at the same time reflect player strength between the two teams in tWhat was that match like?

UsuallyFootball odds 3/4 okay game portal given in a match where this team has more outstanding strength than the other team to. Players should uncle idea about characteristicsClick here to participate in select.

Experience playing 3/4 handicap in soccer

In order for you to be able to play 3/4 odds in football, there is information below to help you in the select process. As follows

  • If you just understand Football odds ¾ What does that mean not enough information. Besides, you should find more experience in playing this bet from experts who have been involved for many years.
  • Playing this bet is almost like playing a 1-ball handicap. That means both teams have a big difference.
  • You must check to see if the above team is a team with an attacking style of play or likes to score goals. If so, boldly bet on 0.75, if not, find a bet on 0.5 to play.
  • In the case of the above bet but there is internal turmoil or there are changes in players or lineup arrangements, you must be cautious when placing bets on these matches. 3/4 odds must be really alert and analyze information accurately.


So, the above article is all the information for you to understand Football odds ¾ What does that mean. Hopefully through this article you will understand more about 3/4 odds in football Jun88 as well as give yourself more experience. Wishing you all good luck and make wise choices.